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Russian Military Spouse Urges Bribes to Return Home: Intercepted Audio Raises Questions


Russian Militry Spouse Urges Bribes to Return Home: Intercepted Audio Raises QuestionsAudio recording of Russian Militry was shareed by Ukrain militry intelligence, alleging that it captures a conversation between a Russian woman and her husband, who is currently stationed in Ukraine. According to reports from the Ukrainian military intelligence directorate (GUR), the call was intercepted and reportedly involves the woman advising her husband to offer bribes to his commanding officers in order to secure his return home.

In the audio, which was posted on GUR’s Telegram channel last Thursday, a person identified as a member of the Russian military engages in a phone conversation with their spouse. During the call, they discuss the possibility that the commanding officers might pressure them to sign an extension contract to continue their service in the ongoing conflict. However, it’s important to highlight that the authenticity of the call couldn’t be independently verified by credible news sources like Newsweek.

Audio recordings of discussions involving Russian military personnel that have been intercepted are frequently made public by Ukrainian military intelligence.

The argument that morale is low among the Ukrainian military of Russian President Vladimir Putin is frequently supported by these recordings.

Just last week, GUR shared a clip in which a Russian soldier reportedly told his mother that Moscow was deploying soldiers to the front lines who were no longer physically fit for duty, including one who had recently undergone heart surgery.

In the more recent audio, as translated by the Kyiv Post, the wife expresses her concerns that her husband might not be allowed to leave Ukraine when his service time comes to an end. She advises him to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and urges him not to sign any contract that could potentially extend his stay. She believes that the Russian military leaders show little regard for the well-being of the soldiers they send to fight in Ukraine.

From her words, it’s evident that the leadership seems primarily focused on getting rid of soldiers, treating them as expendable resources. While money might still play a role, their main intent appears to be reducing their numbers as much as possible. She strongly emphasizes that this truth is now becoming clear to those at the forefront of the conflict.

Newsweek attempted to contact the Russian Ministry of Defense for a response to the audio, but no official statement has been provided as of now. In the recording, the woman continues to discuss her belief that her husband’s commanding officers might pressure him to sign another contract, which would force him to stay in Ukraine for a prolonged period. With this in mind, she suggests to her husband that he could consider offering a bribe to his commanding officer as a way to avoid signing another service contract. Though frustrated, she suggests proposing a significant incentive, like half a million rubles (approximately $5,000), to the officer, in hopes that this might expedite her husband’s return home.

"Intercepted Audio: Russian Wife Advising Husband to Offer Bribes for Safe Return"
Russian Military Spouse Urges Bribes to Return Home: Intercepted Audio Raises Questions


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