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Quinton Aaron Speaks Out on Recent Oher Controversy and Defends Sandra Bullock’s Role in ‘The Blind Side’

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Quinton Aaron, known for his role in "The Blind Side," passionately defends Sandra Bullock amid the Oher controversy

Quinton Aaron, the talented actor who brought Michael Oher’s character to life in the beloved movie “The Blind Side,” is expressing his strong feelings about the recent Oher controversy. In a candid conversation with TMZ Sports, Aaron passionately defended Sandra Bullock, who played a pivotal role in the film, from the calls to strip her of her well-deserved Oscar.

The buzz around rescinding Bullock’s Oscar started gaining traction recently, with users on the X platform suggesting that, in light of Oher’s claims about deception and exploitation by Leigh Anne Tuohy (the character Bullock portrayed), the actress should face consequences for her on-screen portrayal.

The chorus of voices calling for this course of action grew louder and louder throughout the day, despite the fairly unexpected turn of events.
Aaron remains optimistic, though, that things will eventually settle down and make room for a more nuanced viewpoint.. “It’s a bit puzzling to make such a statement,” Aaron expressed. “Sandra Bullock had no involvement in the real-life events that we are witnessing unfold.”

Back in 2010, Bullock received the coveted Oscar for her heartfelt performance as Aaron’s fictional mother in the 2009 film. Aaron firmly believes that Bullock was absolutely deserving of the recognition. “Her performance was nothing short of brilliant,” he affirmed. “It would be unjust to tarnish her reputation for something completely unrelated to her role.”

Touching upon the recent allegations surrounding the Tuohy family, Aaron revealed that despite having lost touch with them since the movie’s release, he had positive interactions and didn’t sense anything untoward in their relationship with Oher. “My interactions with them were always positive,” he shared. “They were kind and respectful to me,”
The long-running conflict between the Oher and Tuohy families has deteriorated into a rift.
Oher has been accused by the Tuohy family of attempting to extort a substantial sum of $15 million from them. While Oher has yet to respond to these allegations, he strongly asserted in a court filing on Monday that the Tuohys manipulated him into a complex conservatorship that might have resulted in significant financial losses amounting to millions.

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