Home Science and Technology ISRO Considers Rescheduling Chandrayaan-3’s Landing Date Amidst Preparations

ISRO Considers Rescheduling Chandrayaan-3’s Landing Date Amidst Preparations

ISRO Considers Rescheduling Chandrayaan-3’s Landing Date Amidst Preparations
ISRO's Chandrayaan-3 Mission: A Bold Leap Towards Lunar Exploration.

Learning from Past Experiences, ISRO Takes Precautions for Successful Landing

In a recent development, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is deliberating the option of postponing the landing date for Chandrayaan-3 to August 27. This decision comes as a response to the possibility of unfavorable conditions for a landing on the initially scheduled date of August 23. A senior official from ISRO shared this potential rescheduling with TOI on Monday. Nilesh M Desai, the Director of the Space Applications Centre based in Ahmedabad, reassured that all preparations for the soft landing, originally planned for August 23, have been completed. The team remains optimistic about the success of the mission. Desai mentioned that a crucial decision regarding the landing time’s suitability will be made just two hours before the scheduled landing on August 23. 

This decision will be based on an assessment of the lander module’s health and lunar conditions. In the event that conditions are deemed unfavorable, ISRO has also made necessary arrangements for a Moon landing on August 27, as Desai conveyed to TOI. Learning from the challenges faced during the Chandrayaan-2 mission, ISRO has taken comprehensive precautions with Chandrayaan-3. By incorporating insights gained from Chandrayaan-2’s errors, the organization has taken steps to fortify the legs of the Vikram lander, intensify lander testing, and implement corrective measures. This approach is a response to the recent crash landing of the Russian Luna-25 probe. 

The probe’s unsuccessful landing has prompted ISRO to exercise the utmost caution during the final stages of Moon landing operations. While a potential delay to August 27 might result in a loss of four Earth days for rover and lander operations, ISRO’s primary focus remains on achieving a successful landing of the Vikram lander. The organization’s employees are currently immersed in a tense and exciting atmosphere at control rooms, with engineers and scientists meticulously reviewing every detail of the mission plan and verifying calculations. Expressing confidence in the mission, ISRO Chairman S Somanath stated, “We are confident because everything has proceeded smoothly so far, with no unforeseen contingencies encountered up to this point.” 

He reassured that all preparations have been completed, and systems have performed as anticipated. Multiple simulations, system verifications, and instrument health checks are underway in the days leading up to the anticipated landing. As the date draws closer, the world awaits the outcome of this ambitious endeavor, hoping for another successful milestone in India’s space exploration journey. Stay tuned for more updates as ISRO continues its unwavering pursuit of scientific and technological achievements.


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